Strengthening counseling services and local support for the parents of children and adolescents with ASD

Project financed by the EEA Grants 2009-2014, as part of the NGO Fund in Romania.

A project run by the Foundation

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Stress at work cessation, anxiety, depression – these are the problems faced by parents of children with autism spectrum disorder (ASD). That’s because the diagnosis of autism is difficult to accept, and the ordeal of life that begins right from the first suspicions of the disease is exhausting. The efforts families make to identify therapies and therapists for their children with autism, to integrate schools, to help them acquire social functioning are enormous and exhausting, because specialist services infrastructure in Romania is still precarious and attitude of the population typically is often hostile. Parents and extended family need specialized support to deal with the disease and to help their children to function in society.

Romanian Angel Appeal (RAA) launched in July this year, a project that aims to increase access to basic social services and for children with autism and their parents, in 10 counties. The project, entitled “Strengthening of local counseling services and support for parents of children and adolescents with ASD” addresses both parents of children with autism and ASD staff in 10 centers in the country that operates within local DGASPC.

Inside the project:

  • It will be created and disseminated 1 study on the assessment of service needs among parents of children and youth with ASD
  • Programs for parents will be developed in 10 ASD Counseling and assistance centers in the country, selected from the network of 40 Centers established by the RAA Foundation, in partnership with local DGASPC, through the project “They must have a chance”(2010 – 2013)
  • Minimum 20 professionals from 10 centers will be trained in counseling parents and mediating access to services through participation in 2 courses
  • At least 200 parents will receive professional counseling in 10 ASD Centers until the end of the project
  • 100 children and youth with autism will benefit from workshops, to facilitate their integration into the community
  • 400 caregivers will be informed about ways of interacting with the child with ASD and ways to provide support to the family, through printed guides: Guide of the first 100 days, Parents’ Guide, Grandparents’ Guide, Siblings’ Guide. The Guides were made by Autism Speaks (best known organization representing the rights of persons with ASD worldwide) and Romanian Angel Appeal Foundation obtained the copyright to translate and adapt them for Romania
  • One pilot camp will be organized for 40 children with ASD and parents of their children (typical and autistic) in 10 counties. Children will be involved in social activities with specialized guidance and parents will attend workshops, support groups and courses.
  • Support services to be developed and offered in 10 ASD centers will be free and tailored to the needs of beneficiaries, and partnering with local DGASPC will constitute a guarantee of their sustainability after project completion.

The project “Strengthening of local counseling services and support for parents of children and adolescents with ASD” The project is developed by Romanian Angel Appeal Foundation, it started at 01/07/2014, lasts 22 months and is funded by the EEA Grants 2009 – 2014, in the NGO Fund with 187,485.35 euros, from the amount of 209,950 euro, which represents the total value of the project.


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