Strengthening counseling services and local support for the parents of children and adolescents with ASD

Project financed by the EEA Grants 2009-2014, as part of the NGO Fund in Romania.

A project run by the Foundation

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During 12 to 17 July and 19 to 24 July, two camps for children with autistic spectrum disorders (ASD) but also for their families (parents, siblings) run in Bran, Brasov county. The camps are organized based on the Autism Society of Norway functional and innovative model, that combines stimulation and integration activities dedicated to children with ASD, with activities dedicated to their parents and siblings with typical development.

The camps are organized by the Romanian Angel Appeal Foundation, within the project “Strengthening of local concelling and support services for parents of children and adolescents with ASD” implemented with Norwegian funds.

Each camps is held for 10 families (20 families in total) and include:

– Activities for children with autism (DIY, outdoor activities, sports, etc.)

– Activities for parents (informative sessions on autism, stress management, rights and caregivers of children with ASD, exchange of experience between parents, counseling sessions)

– Activities for siblings of children with autism (support group, outdoor / sports activities, staging a drama etc.)

The activities are implemented with the support of specialists (therapists, psychologists, consultants from Norway) and Romanian Angel Appeal Foundation professionals.

The purpose of this type of camp is to help parents to develop an increased capacity to manage stress and depression caused by the condition of their autistic child, to have an increased capacity to mobilize personal and community resources and enhanced capability to relate with children (typical or autistic), all these things positively influencing long-term chances of integration of children with ASD.

The project “Strengthening of local councelling and support services for parents of children and adolescents with ASD” began on 1st of July 2014, lasts 22 months and is funded by the EEA Grants 2009 – 2014, in the NGO Fund.


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